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5 baby products from luvlap - which I absolutely recommend for better travel experience

Updated: May 23

  1. Feeding bottle

It was very difficult to find a steel bottle and then I found this one from Luvlap. Trust me this one is just b

2. Potty seat

I honestly started using it when my baby turned six months and it is the best purchase till date. You can carry the upper seat almost anywhere.

3. Baby sipper

This steel sipper is what you need in these hot summer days for your baby.

4. Silicon spoon

this one comes handily when you have very hot food which you want to make them eat immediately.

5. Baby carrier

Baby carrier are one of the best creation. And I highly recommend this one for your little one.

The views are basis my usuage of products. If you find it useful then only recommended to buy.

By Ankita laddha

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