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Maldives - all you want to know

Maldives is all about luxury and relaxing In the lap of nature. Often called as the Manhattan of the Indian Ocean. It’s perfect for those who want to disconnect and laid back on beaches or just want to get lost in the beauty of white sandy beaches and turquoise blue Indian Ocean.

So here is everything you want to know:

Ideal time to visit :

Peak season : November to March

On a budget : April to June

Highest rainfall - October

WOW TIP : Advise to book around peak season in advance to save and have best experience.

Cultural background :

The culture and traditions of the Maldives and Maldivians in general have been greatly influenced by the Indians, Sri Lankans, Arabs and North Africans who visited the Maldives while on these trading routes of the central Indian Ocean.

As for religion, if the Maldivians were originally Buddhist, today Islam is the only religion allowed.

WOW TIP : it’s not allowed to carry alcohol, only resorts have exemption so avoid carrying that.

How to reach

one obvious way is flight to Male Airport

Where to stay:

Now it’s very tricky, because if you ask 10 different people you will get 10 different opinions. All resorts have its pros and cons. Like some are budget friendly, some are kids friendly ( there are resorts where kids are not allowed), some have amazing water sports. So it’s always advisable to identify your need and then decide instead of selecting popular one.

Our suggested stays for budget travel:

👉🏻🌴Paradise island resort

budget for resort : 4 nights 5 days - INR 150,000

👉🏻🌴Thulagiri Island resort and spa

budget for resort : 4 nights 5 days - INR 140,000

👉🏻🌴Sun Siyam olhuveli

budget for resort : 4 nights 5 days - INR 135,000

👉🏻🌴Centara Ras Fushi Resorts & Spa

budget for resort : 4 nights 5 days - INR 150,000

👉🏻🌴Sheraton Maldives Full moon resort & Spa

budget for resort : 4 nights 5 days - INR 200,000

👉🏻🌴Hard Rock hotel :

budget for resort : 4 nights 5 days - INR 230000

👉🏻🌴Taj coral leaf resort :

budget for resort : 4 nights 5 days - INR 250000

👉🏻🌴Sun island resort :

budget for resort : 4 nights 5 days - INR 140000

Luxury resorts :

✔️🏝Taj exotica resorts & spa

✔️🏝W Maldives

✔️🏝Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa

✔️🏝Park Hyatt Maldives Hadhaa

Important tips to travel like pro :

  1. Make sure pick and drop from airport are included in your travel.

  2. Check for water sports in advance as some resorts have beaches with no marine life.

  3. Half board means breakfast and dinner and full board means breakfast lunch and dinner.

  4. 3 days 4 night is ideal time only if you wish to do sports activities add one extra day. It is not advisable to travel within 24 hrs after scuba, plan accordingly.

  5. You will get visa on arrival for 90 days

  6. USD, Euro are best currency for payments.

  7. Some resorts do offer sea plane transfers, it itself is an experience.

  8. If you are vegetarian check in advance in menu for food option. You don’t what to stuck on island and starving 😛

  9. Ensure your resort have everything you need because it’s expensive to travel plus you will waste time in travelling.

  10. You can book 3 days in budget resort and one day in luxury if you really wish to experience luxury in Maldives. However make sure both the resorts have well connectivity.

  11. Always choose all inclusive package as you are not going to travel anywhere else you should book in advance and and know the budget you are going to spend.

  12. offbeat experince is take cruise from kochi.

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