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Maldives - water villa vs beach villa

We’ve all seen the amazing images of the overwater villas and dreamt of staying there but the question is: is it worth it? The simple answer is it all depends. It depends on you, on the resort you’re going to stay at and the specific villa you’re going to stay in. What budget you have in mind and with whom you are travelling.

Listing down pros and cons of beach villa and water villa 👇

Beach villa


✅The beach villas give you direct access to the beach.

✅Some beach villas have outdoor bathrooms in walled gardens and private pools making it more romantic.

✅Easy access to all island facilities yet still quite secluded.

✅You can move your sun bed around depending on the movement of the sun.

✅ faster room service, waiting time is quite less usually when compared to water villa.

✅ since you save money by staying in beach villa, you can spend good amount of money on water activities


❌ beaches are not private so other guests can walk past your beach making it less private.

❌You might be able to hear unwanted noises from people passing by your villa or from the resort’s bars and restaurants

Water villa


✅Tend to be quite private. uninterrupted view of ocean 🌊

✅Undoubtedly water villas are more romantic.

✅Some water villas have glass-panelled floors, which means you can watch the sea life beneath you. ( very few and it’s expensive too)

✅There is direct access to the sea and house reef snorkeling.

✅You can relax on your own personal lounge deck with a pool and sun beds.


❌Water villas can be a long way from the resort’s main facilities such as the restaurants and bars.

❌They can be poorly lit at night. Your personal lounge deck might not be facing the sun and therefore might be in the shade half the time.

❌The steps leading into the ocean can be made out of steel making them slippery to climb in and out of the water.

❌ In most cases, for safety reasons, accommodation with small children is prohibited in water villas or they will ask declaration that you will be responsible for well-being of child.

❌ to maintain privacy you might not find any life guard on duty.

❌since it’s normally away from other facilities people tend to miss other available fun options at resort

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