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Unique Treehouse resort near Mumbai

by winkoutwonder 👉

We’ve always dreamed of staying in a treehouse and no matter how much grown up you are the kid under you still want to go to such places.

Here is our suggestion for such experience

  1. The Machan, Jambulne, Near Lonavala

Address : Private Road, Lonavala Rd, Atvan, Maharashtra 412108

Distance from Andheri, Mumbai - 110 km

Stay Cost: INR 13500 for double occupancy

2. Forest Hills Tala - A Serene Eco Mountain Valley Gateway

Address : Forest Hills Tala, Taraste Village,

Tala, Maharashtra

Distance from Mumbai - 160 km

Stay Cost : INR 14000 for double occupancy

Pro tip-

Not at all advisable to book last moment We’ll advise you to book in advance, as these places are quite popular.

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