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Butterfly High, Andheri(west), Mumbai - Restaurant Review by Ankita Laddha

Hello folks!!!

You might be aware of this famous restaurant as it has total five branches in Mumbai and thane. I recently visited this famous restaurant in April 2024 with my husband for lunch and here is my review for the place.

Ambiance and Atmosphere : 4.5 stars (out of five) :

The place make you feel butterfly in stomach (kidding) but nevertheless this place is very colorful, eye catching  and has nice vibrant décor. Also they have very nicely blended modern look and has maintained all the aesthetics (no wonder why this is popular among all age group). You can’t just stop admiring how beautifully this place is crafted to make you feel just right. I don’t think this ever get a dull moment.  Also it has decent space (which is rare in Mumbai), hence makes it perfect place for office lunch as well. (they have one outlet in BKC too). My only little (very little) disappointment was towards the treatment of Butterly which was not given enough space *(not kidding).

Food and Drinks : 4 stars (out of five) :

We kinda liked the food overall only thing is that it may be more nicely presented. Also one of the things we ordered was unavailable. (usually not expected at places like this). Overall good experience. We ordered total 4 dishes and 2 drinks and the quantity of each one was really good. So yes post that we were extreme fully. #truestory

Service : 4 stars (out of five) :

 It was all very nice. Staff was courteous, polite, understanding etc etc etc but they levied service charge of 5% that’s why 4 stars. I think it was already decently priced (higher only) so they can forego that.

Value for Money :  3.5 stars (out of five) :

 It is on expensive side so can’t really tell its value for money but yes I think you will not mind spending this on few occasion.

Overall rating : 4 stars (out of five) :

Recommended to visit basically with anyone whether its friends, family, cousins,   colleagues or special one. It has space for everyone.  

Cost for two : Approx 2000 (without alcohol)

Let us know if this was helpful !!   

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